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Roasted Beet and Avocado Salad

Posted at 2:28 PM, Jan 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-03 16:28:57-05

Beets are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  But, let's be honest... not a lot of people cook with them.

Julie Freed, a Whole30 Certified Coach and yoga instructor at Salt Lake Power Yoga joined us with one of her favorite recipes that includes beets.

Roasted Beet and Avocado Salad (Serve Warm or Chilled)

Active Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Total: 3 Hours and 30 minutes
Reward: Huge

4-5 Medium to Large Beets, scrubbed (I prefer mixing Orange and Purple Beets)
2 Tbsp. Good Fat Olive Oil, Plus more for Drizzling
½ Cup Water
Salt and Pepper
2 Hass Avocados, cut into ¾ inch pieces

For the Dressing:
½ Cup Sweet or White Onion
2 Tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar
2 Tbsp. Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tsp. Dijon Mustard (check labels for Whole30 Compliancy)
¼ Cup Avocado Oil
¼ Cup Olive Oil

1. Preheat oven to 375° and line a small baking dish with aluminum foil. After washing, rub the beets with olive oil and place inside the baking dish. Add water and season with salt and pepper. Cover tightly with foil over the top of the dish and roast for 2-2 ½ hours (time may change depending on your altitude.) Cook until tender when pierced with a knife.
2. While the beets are cooking, combine in a blender the chopped onion, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and mustard. Blend until smooth. Slowly add the avocado oil and olive oil to the mixture and blend.
3. When the beets are finished, let them cool completely. Peel the beets with your hands and cut them into ¾ inch pieces. *This is by far my favorite part when your fingertips turn fuchsia! I literally have dreams about this step. Heaven. Transfer beets to a large bowl if serving immediately or to Tupperware for meal prepping.
4. Add the chopped avocado (or wait if meal prepping) and the dressing to the beets and toss gently to combine. I typically serve on top of a bed of spinach or arugula.

Julie says because this recipe does require quite a bit of cooking time, she usually starts her beets first thing in the morning or as soon as she gets home from work so she doesn't feel like she's chained to her kitchen when she needs to be out doing things.  She also recommends keeping beets, avocados, and dressing all in separate containers in the fridge and combine right before serving.  She recommends to heat in the microwave for 30 - 45 seconds to give it a little more oomph.  You may also want to consider doubling the dressing recipe so it's ready for the next time you want to indulge!

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You can follow Julie on Instagram @juliefreedom.