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3 Questions with Bob Evans: Rev. France A. Davis talks racism in Utah

Posted at 2:17 PM, Apr 15, 2019

For the 87 percent of Utahns who are Caucasian, obeying the law and not causing trouble generally means we don't have to worry about having to explain ourselves to police, have store security follow us, or have people make assumptions about us.

But for the rest of our population, just the color of their skin alone makes the story completely different.

Bob Evans sat down with Reverend France A. Davis of Calvary Baptist Church in Salt Lake City and asked him three questions:

  1. Do you ever have experiences in common, everyday, ordinary activities where the color of your skin, either subtly or overtly becomes part of the equation of that experience?
  2. There must be this underlying frustration on the part of our black brothers and sisters, who have to go through this kind of thing day in and day out, while the white population says, "Race problem? What race problem? I don't know about any race problem."
  3. As the Pastor of a significant congregation, you are well aware that the forces of good and the forces of evil have been battling it out for a long, long time. When it comes to racism, how optimistic are you that we can indeed, together defeat this demon?

The full interview with Rev. France A. Davis can be seen below: