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Utah man has a priceless reaction when he sees his parents

Posted at 8:44 PM, Jul 12, 2019

LEHI, Utah — When a man with Down syndrome saw his parents had flown in to celebrate an extra special day with him, his reaction was priceless.

Pete Larkin posted a video Thursday of his brother, Brigham, at Texas Roadhouse in Lehi, celebrating his 30th birthday and 10th anniversary working there.

It looks like an ordinary birthday celebration at first, with gifts and cards being opened. But then, Brigham spots his parents, who live in China and flew in to surprise him for the special occasion.

He freezes with a shocked expression on his face, laughs joyously, hugs his dad, then appears to get emotional as he hugs his step-mom.

"Is that your dad?" one person asked him as they stood next to each other.

"That's my dad!" Brigham responded.

Brigham's mom, Carole, can also be heard explaining that they had just come in from China.

Pete wrote in his post how proud he was to be Brigham's brother.

"Despite the challenges he faces, he works hard, contributes to the economy, and most of all, lifts everyone he meets," the post says. "I’m honored and blessed to be his brother."

Pete also recognized and thanked Texas Roadhouse, "for treating my brother with such kindness and respect, and more so, for not letting phobias or stereotypes keep you from employing such wonderful and capable people."

With the support of his family, coworkers, patrons, and especially his mom Carole, Pete says Brigham is looking forward to the next 10 years (or more) at Texas Roadhouse.