FanX is back in Utah, bigger and better than ever

Posted at 5:59 PM, Sep 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-21 19:59:04-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City is set to host thousands at FanX, one of its biggest conventions of the year.

It was a busy day Wednesday at the Salt Palace Convention Center as carts and boxes were loaded into place, all in preparation for this year's FanX convention that celebrates all types of pop culture. From classic television to comics to superheroes, it'll all come alive starting Thursday.

"So it took me a couple years to put some things together and everything kind of fell into place and 2013 we did our first event here," said FanX founder Dan Farr

Farr promises this year's convention will be bigger than ever, especially with star power. Close to 80 celebrities will be on hand, while in the past the largest turnout was about 55.

"Just to see people's joy and happiness, there's nothing greater in the world," said Charles Martinet, voice of characters Mario and Luigi.

Martinet will make an appearance, and while fans man not know his name, they defiantly know his voice. He’s traveled to conventions all over the world, but says Utah is his favorite

"I'm grateful, especially to the fans because they're the ones that mean I get to come out and play, I get to keep doing my job and keep keep going."

Celebrities aren't the only ones looking forward to FanX.

"I quit my job about five years ago to do [conventions] full time, so right now we do about 50 shows a year," said vendor Tony Poulson with Hand Over the Hero.

Being from South Jordan, FanX was Poulson's very first convention which has since become his full time career.

Across the floor, painter Kaitlund Zupanic and the Dog and Dragon booth is also gearing up for the festivities.

"It's just a really big family," said Zupanic. "It's where all the nerds come, basically."

As a local artist, Zupanic and others are showing off their beautiful paintings and prints. But if you want to be a part of the action, there’s a few things fans should know if they’re a first timer.

Parking at the Salt Palace Convention Center is limited, so attendees might actually want to take TRAX instead, and make sure to always be wearing a wristband, as well as making sure that to read the regulations for panels because some of prohibit photography

And most importantly, as Farr says, have fun.

"This is a place to celebrate pop culture of fandom and come in and have a good time."