'They're Keeping it Real in SLC' - RHOSLC 'Roaring Emotions' recap

Posted at 2:32 PM, Dec 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-03 16:32:04-05

SPOILER ALERT: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 Episode 4 of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City"

FOX 13 web team members Melanie Porter and David Wells are watching "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" and giving you their real reactions. Melanie is a real "Real Housewives" fan, and Dave deliberately steered clear of it until now. Melanie and Dave are "Keeping it Real in Salt Lake City."


Okay can we all agree this episode was SIGNIFICANTLY better than last week?!

We start back at the 1920's party where Jen was trying to be the star of the show, but let's face it Heather was shining with the relatable lines and witty commentary.

I mean when people asked if she was going to go help out with the Jen situation she said she would try to make eye contact but if not she would just wait for her chicken drumstick lollipop. (Which BTW I definitely need to try now.) She tells her friends to not get rid of the food when she steps out to help get Jen to her husband and refers to herself as the "flapper with cankles." What a queen.

I've always loved Heather - but this episode just made her so much better.

So THEN Jen starts sharing Meredith's situation with her husband - because I guess "eye for an eye" and because Meredith is friends with Mary (nobody seems to know why Jen hates Mary which is iconic) it gives Jen permission to share her secret. That's definitely not going to backfire - just kidding.

Mary's son is getting his girlfriend a prada purse for Christmas and that caused a lot of commotion because Mary thinks the bag will last longer than the relationship which brings up the age old question, when you break up with someone...what do you do with all the stuff they give you?? If that girlfriend has ever had to deal with the wrath of Mary, I say she deserves to keep the bag.

So then we move to the luncheon portion of this episode. I feel like all the parties this season have had a theme but there's always one thing that's just off about them. For Meredith's birthday party it was the tongan dancers, for the 1920's party, the strippers and the Met Gala luncheon the valet people who the fluffy black hats just didn't fit the vibe in my opinion.

STILL, this luncheon was decadent to say the least. The ladies opening up and sharing something from within had good intentions. Jen saying 'amen' to the prayer was a quirky moment (as someone who has said amen too early before, I understand the awkward feeling.)

Plus Lois Vuitton earbuds so "everyone can listen better." I wouldn't even be mad at the slight roast, just hand me that Lois Vuitton box.

Hey Mary, if Jen doesn't want to be part of your girl gang, I'll gladly fill in.

Not a lot of relatable Utah scenes in this episode but between the 1920's party, Jen drama and Met Gala luncheon this episode nailed it.

Episode 4 of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" showed us the rest of Whitney's 1920s party at "Prohibition" in Murray.

The Jen/Mary conflict boiled into a Jen/Meredith conflict and the editors at Bravo had to use (I believe) a new record of "bleeps" for this show. Most of the four-letter words came from Jen's lips, but even Heather dropped a few.

"It's a good thing our Mormon friends weren't here. Their skin and flesh would melt off of their faces in horror," Heather said of the party.

Jen cursed out Meredith and exited the party in a fury, catching the train of her dress on the door. Heather, good friend that she is, got on the phone with Jen's husband Sharrieff to give him directions to "Prohibition," as Jen was apparently too upset to handle the task herself.

It was on this phone call that Heather said the funniest line in the episode: "OK, I'm gonna have you turn. You're gonna see me. I'm gonna look like a flapper with cankles."

Other Utah locations seen in this episode were Park City's "Gallery MAR," where Lisa was given a gentle reminder to "look, don't touch" the art, and Salt Lake City's "Valter's Osteria," an upscale Italian restaurant where Mary held yet another party. What a surprise. The poached eggs with caviar and the pasta with $8,000/pound truffles looked amazing.

Mary took the high road by inviting Jen to her Met Gala-themed luncheon, which she hoped would be a chance for our heroines to "be real" and hear each other out. She gave each of her guests a set of thoughtful gifts, including a nice pen, journal and a $995 pair of Louis Vuitton wireless earbuds. Nice!

Mary's kind gestures *almost* worked with Jen. It looked like they were making peace for a minute there. But the teaser for next week's episode shows a new fight on the horizon. I hope these two can eventually work things out.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have some poached eggs with caviar (fast-food hamburger) and listen to my Louis Vuitton headphones (cheap earbuds).