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Salt Lake County Health Dept. compares zodiac signs' COVID-19 vaccination rates

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Posted at 8:38 PM, Oct 19, 2021

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah — Does astrology affect your likelihood of getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

Well, the Salt Lake County Health Department says no, but they did share some data that shows some correlation and a noticeable difference between the different star signs.

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"The COVID-19 vaccine is backed by science and is in no way influenced by horoscopes," the SLCHD wrote in a graphic shared on Twitter. "But come on Scorpios!"

Based on the health department's data, those whose zodiac sign is Leo are the most fully vaccinated at 70 percent. The least? Scorpios at 46 percent.

Here is the full list:

  • Leo:                     70%
  • Aquarius:           67%
  • Aries:                  59%
  • Sagittarius:        59%
  • Cancer:               58%
  • Taurus:               56%
  • Gemini:               55%
  • Libra:                   54%
  • Pisces:                 51%
  • Capricorn:          51%
  • Virgo:                  50%
  • Scorpio:              46%

For those interested in the methodology behind these numbers, the health department included the following:

"Number of SLCo residents vaccinated, by date of birth, from USIIS; "US Population by Zodiac Sign" from University of Texas-Austin, applied to Salt Lake County 2020 population estimates from ESRI."