Boy allegedly stabbed in the throat with a pair of scissors by his mother at a St. George motel

She claims "Satan" and "Mother Mary" made her do it, according to court documents.
Motel 6 child assault
Posted at 2:29 PM, Aug 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-27 11:12:07-04

ST. GEORGE, Utah — A boy suffered potentially life-threatening injuries allegedly being stabbed in the throat with a pair of scissors by his own mother at a St. George motel Thursday.

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Officers were called to the Motel 6 at 205 North 1000 East at around 11 a.m. and took the boy's mother, Megan Stewart, into custody.

Police said the boy, who is eight years old, suffered multiple lacerations on the neck, but is expected to survive.

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According to court records, the responding officer arrived on the scene and talked to the front desk staff who called 911.

According to the officer, she said around 09:00 a.m., she witnessed a young boy running through the alley between the two buildings, screaming for "help'' and that his mother was trying to "suffocate" him. Megan Stewart was following a short distance behind him and told the employee, "don't worry, he just got his butt whooped."

The employee said the boy returned to the room with Megan and the employee was contacted by a housekeeper approximately 2 hours later. According to the housekeeper, they saw the boy outside of room 128 saying his mom wanted to "kill" him.

The housekeeper told the boy to go back into the room while she contacted the police. The front desk employee walked to room 128. The front door and window were closed. The front desk employee returned to the front desk to contact 911 before walking back to room 128.

According to the housekeeper, police said, the door was now open and she could see the boy laying on the bed and there was blood all over the room. The housekeeper said she thought the boy was "dead" because of all the blood and how he was laying down.

She also said his face was "purple". In the court documents, the officer said the employee became emotional while retelling the incident.

The manager at Motel 6 told police he witnessed Megan walking off the Motel 6 property and gave police with surveillance video that showed the direction she was heading.

A short time later, patrol officers took Megan into custody and she was interviewed. According to the court documents, during the interview with Megan, she admitted that she was at the Motel 6 with the boy and she attempted to suffocate him with a pillow, and she stabbed him in the throat with scissors.

According to the documents, Megan also admitted that she was "high." When asked why she stabbed the boy with the scissors, Megan responded, "I had to." According to the court documents, when asked why she had to, Megan said that it was for "Satan" or "Mother Mary."

Allegedly, police told Megan that her son was in surgery at the hospital and asked if she wanted him to recover, to which she responded, "no."

Additionally, police said Megan is currently on probation for DUI out of Colorado. Megan also has an active Protective Order out of Greeley, Colorado where her son is listed as the protected person. Megan also currently has an active warrant out of Washington County Justice Court for domestic violence related charges.

Based on police's investigation, Megan was taken to Washington County jail and booked in on the following charges: Murder (Attempted), Protective Order Violation, and Child Abuse.

She was being held without bond.