Couple steals West Jordan utility truck, crash through multiple yards

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Posted at 1:32 PM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-04 15:42:04-05

WEST JORDAN, Utah — A man and a woman stole a West Jordan company's utility truck early Thursday with the theft ending after the couple drove through the backyards of four homes in Layton.

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An employee with the company noticed one of the trucks was missing at 3 a.m., but figured another employee had come in early and begun their day. However, the company later learned the truck had been stolen and reported it to police.

Utility Truck in Layton

Because the truck was outfitted with a tracker, Layton Police were able to locate the couple as they traveled northbound on I-15 near Wasatch Drive and Fairfield Road.

After police attempted to stop the truck, the couple fled and officials did not pursue the suspects.

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Shortly afterwards, the truck drove through the parking lot of a dentist's office in Layton and into a fence. The truck then crashed through the backyards before coming to a stop on a raised RV pad.

West Jordan truck stolen

The couple tried to flee on foot, but a witness alerted police that the man and woman were hiding in a shed. The two were taken into custody after they were found inside the shed.

The woman was taken to the hospital after claiming she had injured her knee while fleeing the scene.