Man arrested after girlfriend cuts in line at In-N-Out drive-thru

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Posted at 1:44 PM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 15:44:29-05

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — A man whose girlfriend cut in front of a others at a West Valley City In-N-Out Burger was arrested after threatening people with a hatchet.

On Jan. 17, two men were waiting in the drive-thru line at the fast-food restaurant on 3715 Constitution Drive when a woman driving a silver BMW cut in front of them. The woman ignored the men after they flashed their lights and honked their horn to get her attention.

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Police say soon after, Damien Lee Hallett, 37, pulled up alongside the men in the drive-thru line. Hallett exited his truck while holding a hatchet, and then used it to break the window of the vehicle the men were in.

After breaking the window, Hallett held the hatchet with his bloody hand and said, "It'll be your blood next" and left the area.

A witness to the incident gave police the license plate number of the truck and said the vehicle was sitting in a nearby parking lot.

Police found the unoccupied truck and used records to identify it as belonging to Hallett. Inside the truck, police saw a bloody hatchet on the front seat and blood outside the driver's door.

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While meeting with police a few days later, Hallett was wearing gloves and said his girlfriend had called him to say she was being harassed at the In-N-Out location.

During the interview, Hallett told police he gave the keys to his truck to a man named Bob so that he could escort his girlfriend home. Police said Hallett could not provide Bob's last name or contact information.

Hallett was charged Tuesday with two counts of aggravated assault and criminal mischief.