New leads discovered in decades-old Millcreek murder

Posted at 11:23 AM, Jan 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-24 13:25:31-05

MILLCREEK, Utah — Unified police detectives think they have promising new leads in a cold case murder dating back 40 years.

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Trent Olsen was stabbed several times during a brawl in a Millcreek parking lot in 1982. The 22-year-old was hanging out at the One More Time club, which later became Oscars, when he wound up in an argument with three men.

After the men apparently decided to take the fight down to a nearby park, Olsen was stabbed and the three suspects took off. Olsen attempted to drive away in his Corvette, but only made it across the street before crashing into a telephone pole.

Olsen died a short time later and no suspects were ever identified as the case went cold.

Now, after four decades, police believe the suspects and potential witnesses are still out there.

“Who witnessed the argument in the parking lot, who may have known or may know who these individuals are. So we do believe these individuals are potentially still around and still potentially could be a threat to the community and don’t know what they have done since,” said Det. Ben Pender with the UPD Cold Case Squad.

The three suspects are described as darker-skinned males with dark hair who arrived at the park in two vehicles, one an American-made Monte Carlo or Camaro, the other a white, Japanese compact sedan.

Det. Pender now knows that the rims were painted red on one of the cars and hopes that’s a clue someone out there will remember and will help crack this case.

Anyone who knows something about Olson's murder should contact Detective Pender at (385) 468-9816.