Unconscious man found in Lehi road after alleged road rage crime

Posted at 9:42 AM, Jun 03, 2024

LEHI, Utah — Police found a man unconscious in the middle of a Lehi road after a suspected road rage incident Sunday in which another man has been arrested.

"Two families have been affected horribly by this tragedy," said Lt. Chad Ray with the Lehi Police Department.

After receiving reports just before 2 p.m. of a person laying in the road near 1300 West and Main Street, Lehi police found the victim unconscious and bleeding from the head.

Witnesses told police that the unidentified 38-year-old male victim had cut off and brake-checked the suspect, John Jeffrey Williams, as they were both driving eastbound on Main Street.

According to the arrest report, Williams followed the victim into a neighborhood where he confronted the man, which led to a fight between two men.

Both men exchanged punches before the victim was struck in the head, rendering him unconscious in the road. The man was later airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.

Ray said two children were in the backseat of the victim's vehicle while the confrontation took place.

"It's heartbreaking to have to see something like that," he said.

"Getting them access to trauma-informed therapists that understand how this works and how the trauma affects children is really important," said Brandon Merrill.

Merrill is the executive director and founder of Utah Homicide Survivors. His cousin's husband, Chris Mortensen, was killed in a road rage incident a year and a half ago.

"Pulled the gun out and shot him pretty much immediately as he got out of the car," Merrill said.

Merrill has worked with state senators to pass bills with stricter punishments for homicide and road rage cases.

A new road rage law goes into effect July 1.

"This is a new way for prosecutors to send that message and police to send that message that we're not going to tolerate this type of violence in our state," he said.

Williams, 43, was arrested and faces one count of aggravated assault due to his "actions of instigating a road rage incident and confronting the other party and assaulting them," the report stated.

If a driver is following you, Lt. Ray said you should not confront them.

"Call 911, try to drive to the police department, and have us get involved before it gets to the point where life-altering decisions have been made," he said.

Lehi Police are looking for people who witnessed the fistfight between the two men. Anyone with information is urged to contact the department at 385-201-1005 or send in anonymous tips through the Lehi City Police Website.