5-year-old surprised with Lamborghini ride after taking off in family's SUV

Orem car owner doesn't condone 'kids taking cars'
Posted at 6:35 PM, May 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 09:09:27-04

OGDEN, Utah — The five-year-old Ogden boy who stole the family car to buy a Lamborghini, got the surprise of his young life Tuesday.

Adrian’s family is keeping a close eye on him after he stole their SUV from their Ogden home on Lincoln Ave.

“He's never done something like this,” said his sister Sidney Flores.

Sidney was watching him Monday morning. When she fell asleep, the kindergartner grabbed the keys and got behind the wheel.

He told his family he wanted to drive to California for a Lamborghini with two dollars.

“He’s always said he wanted to go to California to buy one," Sidney said. "But we never thought it would be the next day."

With his feet barely reaching the pedals, Adrian made it three miles before a Utah Highway Patrol trooper pulled him over on I-15.

“It’s like he planned everything, which is crazy,” Sidney said.

Twenty-four hours later, Adrian’s dream car drove to him, instead.

Impressed by the five-year-old’s determination, Jeremy Nevis drove up from Orem to meet the child in his matte black 2016 Lamborghini.

“I don’t want to condone kids taking cars and getting in trouble and breaking the law, but the success principles that he displayed were magnificent to me,” Nevis said.

Adrian spends hours watching Lamborghini videos online, but he never had the opportunity to sit inside a real one.

Grateful that no one got hurt by Adrian’s adventure his mother and sister appeared overcome with emotion because of a stranger’s generosity.

“I’m happy he got to experience this," Sidney said crying. "Despite everything that is happening, he got it."

The Utah Highway Patrol announced that no one will be charged or cited for Monday’s joyride.