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Bull wreaks havoc in parking lot, injures at least 2 after escaping Utah County rodeo arena

Utah lieutenant governor upset, saying her family members were hurt
Posted at 3:38 PM, Aug 06, 2023

SPANISH FORK, Utah — What began as a thrilling turn of events for seated spectators ended up a terrifying experience for others in the parking lot when a bucking bull got loose from the Utah County rodeo arena on Thursday night.

Utah Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson tweeted Friday that two of her family members were injured the night before at the Utah County Fair rodeo in Spanish Fork. A bull escaped from the arena and went after her mother and brother, according to Henderson.

"Despite being chased, knocked down & stepped on (bro’s foot) they miraculously escaped w/minor injuries," the lieutenant governor wrote. "They’re pretty shaken (and I’m pretty pissed)."

Chris Henson caught on video (seen below) the moments when the bull escaped the arena and the moments leading up to it. It does not include the bull reaching the parking lot or injuring anyone.

Bull escapes Utah County rodeo arena, wreaks havoc in parking lot

"Imagine unexpectedly facing this animal in a dark parking lot," Henderson added in a later tweet.

In the video, the bull bucks its rider off within just a few seconds. As three rodeo clowns surrounded the riderless bull, the animal turned and charged a scarecrow-like dummy, tossing it several feet into the air. A man on a horse then attempted to rope the rogue bull but came up short.

The bull then ran toward the exit gate, and a horse — which appeared to be trying to head the bull off — jumped into the gate, knocking it open and knocking a worker to the ground as the longhorn made a dash for freedom. That worker was able to get up and walk away, but it's not known whether they had any serious injuries.

The bull then ran around a corner and out of sight from the camera as three people on horses and others on foot chased it.

There were no other reported injuries from the incident.