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BYU makes list of top party schools... yes, BYU

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Posted at 2:09 PM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-24 16:34:42-04

PROVO, Utah — Among the most improbable events in the history of the United States of America, perhaps the most shocking occurred Thursday with the seemingly benign release of a list detailing the Top 50 Party Schools in the country.

While party stalwarts such as Arizona State, Tulane and Florida State made their annual appearance in the Barstool rankings, one school stood out among all the others just by making the list at all.

Coming in at No. 13 overall is (drumroll, please)... BYU.

That's right, Brigham Young University. The same school that prohibits the use of alcohol by students on campus and off finished ahead of such reputable party institutions like Wisconsin, Colorado and LSU.

While alcoholic beverages are certainly not required to make a party a party, it is widely assumed that beer-fueled bacchanalia usually propels schools up such party lists.

Even those outside of The Beehive State expressed surprise over the inclusion and high placement of BYU. On Barstool's Instagram page, many comments were dedicated to the home of the Cougars, with one user commenting they are disregarding the entire post because of BYU being on the list.

"Y'all must have crazy Red Bull parties," one group wrote, while another commented," BYU makes no sense."

Barstool did not release its criteria for creating the 2022 party school list, although it did claim that the data was "compiled by the American News United Syndication." So there's that.

Party on, Cougs!