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Couple expecting twins say 'I do' in impromptu wedding at hospital

Posted at 9:40 PM, May 31, 2023

OGDEN, Utah — One couple didn't want a trip to the hospital to get in the way of the perfect wedding day and said "I do" while expecting twins.

Alexandria Firby and Josh Nix celebrated their perfect wedding day in a rather unconventional setting at Ogden Regional Medical Center after a series of unexpected events.

Despite the unusual circumstances, the couple's love and the support they received from the hospital staff made the day special.

"We didn't think we were going to get to do anything, so we're overjoyed to be having a ceremony," said the bride, Alexandria Firby.

The groom wholeheartedly embraced the idea, stating, "Whatever makes her happy, I'm fully on board with," Josh Nix said.

Alexandria, who is expecting twins, had not anticipated being in the hospital on her wedding day. However, about 10 days ago, one of her twins' waters broke prematurely. "They're going to be monitoring me and the babies closely for as long as they will possibly stay in my belly, and the goal is up to 34 weeks pregnant, which is 11 weeks from now," Firby said.

Initially, the couple had planned to merely sign the marriage license during their hospital stay. However, Firby's nurses, Alicia Harris, Star Albert, and Kathryn Potter, believed that their patient deserved the full romance and magic of a real wedding.

When Kathryn Potter, one of the nurses, learned about the wedding plans, she exclaimed, "She's getting married? We have to do something special."

The three nurses went above and beyond to create the ambiance of a traditional wedding. They arranged for a chapel-like setting, complete with rose petal decorations, a beautiful wedding cake, and non-alcoholic bubbly.

Each nurse played a role in bringing the couple's dream wedding to life. Alicia did the bride's hair, Star found a lovely white dress, and Kathryn took charge as the wedding planner.

"Kathryn, Star, Alicia—those three especially today—they've been in and out of my room all day," said Alexandria Firby. "Somebody went and got me a dress, Alicia came and did my hair, and they put the cute flowers in."

As Alexandria walked down a very special aisle and Josh exchanged vows with the girl of his dreams, the past 12 hours of wedding planning became etched in their memories forever, all thanks to Alicia, Kathryn, and Star.

"This was always the plan; it just may not have been what we intended, but I'm sure it happened how we're supposed to," Nix said.

"I don't want to cry. You've impacted our future together," Alexandria said. "We will always get to look back and remember our wedding that you guys made happen, and we'll get to tell our babies about you."