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COVID, crowds headline busy travel day in Salt Lake City

Posted at 1:30 PM, Dec 22, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY — Security lines flowed smoothly at Salt Lake City International Airport on Wednesday, just days ahead of Christmas.

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Despite rising concerns over the omicron variant of COVID-19, crowds were expected to be as busy as pre-pandemic levels, which is a good thing for the airport.

"We’re gradually getting up and going again and passengers are traveling," said airport spokesperson Nancy Volmer. "Today is one of the busier days at the airport, we’re seeing 25,000 plus passengers."

That's 25,000 walking through daily compared to the 11,000-17,000 passengers traveling last year.

"It’s almost doubled in the last year, so i think that just shows people are more comfortable traveling," added Volmer.

Comfortable, but still reminded the pandemic isn’t over yet.

"Masks are still required, we still have all the hand sanitizing stations, the Plexiglass shields, and we’re encouraging folks to exercise good hygiene," Volmer said.

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There are now two security check-in spots; one on the second floor for all passengers, with another on the first floor for Delta flyers. Construction is also underway for a new COVID-19 testing site.

"We have an express check that was post-security, and we’re building one pre-security so passengers can get a test whether it’s rapid or PCR test, you can actually do that prior to checking in for your flight," said Volmer.

Those changes, might help passengers relax while traveling.

The pre-security COVID-19 test site is expected to open in January.