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Crews rescue SUV driver trapped on Wasatch Co. snowmobile trail

SUV on Wasatch Co. snowmobile trail
Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 00:45:05-04

WASATCH COUNTY, Utah — Wasatch County Search and Rescue crews were dispatched to rescue a driver who had taken their SUV up a snowmobile trail.

The department sent photos of the Snake Creek trail rescue out on social media Monday night.

Crews were forced out in the elements as heavy snow pounded the area.

The condition of the driver is not known, or why they were driving up a trail that is only to be used by snowmobiles.

Wasatch County SUV snowmobile rescue
Crews forced to rescue driver after SUV gets stuck on snowmobile trail in storm

In their social media post, the department asked "Why? Do people continually take their SUV up snowmobile trails?"