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Delta City hit hard by flooding as fear of more rain looms

Delta Flooded
Posted at 4:56 PM, Aug 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-19 11:04:50-04

DELTA, Utah — Thousands of homes in Delta City are dealing with some sort of flooding, a spokesperson for the city said.

There are about 3,600 homes within the city and almost every home was impacted in some way, Jody Anderson said. Hundreds of people were also without power, according to Rocky Mountain Power. The first day of school was also canceled due to the flooding.

“No one has arrived that hasn’t been effected in one way or another, everybody’s home has some water,” she said.

More than 10 thousand sandbags had been filled and handed out as of noon Wednesday.

“This is very unusual for our community. We don’t see a lot of rain, we don’t see a lot of moisture,” Anderson said.

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Candice Jeffery’s basement flooded, as well as her garage and car as several feet of water rushed in overnight.

“We woke up at like 2 am and my daughter, I heard it raining like crazy, my daughter came into my room and says, ‘mom I woke up to feeling like I was on a boat, my stuff was moving around.’ The water was up past her ankles,” she said.

It’s hard to believe this is really happening, Jeffery said.

“I keep crying and then I am in shock and now I am in denial and I want to go back to bed and wake up and be like oh, let’s get ready for school it’s the first day of school and yeah, not this,” she said.

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It’s devastating, Jeffery said as she watched more hail and rain come down. Through the hardship it’s been amazing to see the community come together and help, she said.

“We have had so many people helping which is good,” Jeffery said.

June Cheng’s entire basement filled with water, about 7 to 8 feet worth of water, she said.

“The whole basement was full of the water. Like the whole basement. All the stuff in there is submerged. The whole basement, and my whole living room was soaked the whole carpet, soaked,” she said.

Having so many people help has helped her to stay calm, Cheng said, but it was overwhelming as the rain came down.

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“I was really in shock with the rain still going on, and the water coming into the house I was in shock,” Cheng said.

People in Delta are asked to limit water and sewage usage. Sandbags are being offered sandbags at the city’s indoor arena. Anyone experiencing flooding and needing assistance is asked to call the city at 435-864-2759. The city posted on Facebook, the power is on and off so people can also message the city’s Facebook page by clicking here.