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Developers plan changes for North Temple area

Posted at 10:50 PM, Mar 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-16 01:10:41-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Changes are coming to an area of Salt Lake City known for its problems with crime and drug use.

For years, the North Temple Corridor has been home to abandoned stores and motels.

Now, developers are seizing on the booming housing market and planning developments for the area.

“We are working hard with the owner of the Gateway Inn,” said Nigel Swaby, a realtor and resident of the neighborhood. “It’s going to get torn down and redeveloped. It’s going to go.”

Recently, the lot occupied by a shuttered Wienerschnitzel was purchased by the owner of the Gateway Inn. He plans to replace both buildings with a housing and commercial development.

“We know it’s going to conform for zoning,” Swaby said. “It will be a for-sale housing product along with commercial ground floor restaurants, bars, things like that."

Those plans are still in the early stages. It could take up to two years for designs, applications and approvals to be completed before this plan comes to fruition.

Other developments are further along in their development.

Next door to the Gateway Inn, a lot that contains a vacant fast-food space is set to become the site of more than 100 micro-apartments.

“There are so many strengths down there. The businesses could thrive, people could be that close to downtown and 20 feet away from a TRAX stop. There are so many positive elements there,” Salt Lake City Councilman Andrew Johnston said. “A little bit of a spark, a little bit of an effort, a lot of great can come.”

Johnston holds weekly meetings with residents, business owners, and others who frequent the North Temple area to listen to their concerns. He is excited about the plans, but he is adamant about making sure the plans are inclusive for everyone – including those who have lower incomes or are experiencing homelessness.

“We are not pushing people out. We have to find solutions for this. There should be places for everybody in the community, and North Temple is one of those places,” Johnston said. “It’s not just about getting development in there. It’s about continuing to build on the strength of that neighborhood and not just ignoring folks who can’t afford it. We’ve got to have everybody there.”

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