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Moose calves drown in golf course diversion dam; Mother safely rescued

Posted at 12:13 PM, Sep 20, 2020

PARLEYS CANYON, Utah — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources responded to a family of moose that became stuck in a diversion dam at Mountain Dell Golf Course in Parleys Canyon Sunday morning.

Golf course employees found the mother moose struggling in the water and called the DWR in for help.

"Once they get in, they can't get out," wildlife technician Jacob Fullmer said. "At this time of year, it's really dry — its a time of year where the animals and wildlife are trying to find water anywhere they can, and unfortunately they found a way through a fence... into a water source where they were unable to get out of."

Golf course employees drained the dam, allowing the mother moose to stand up on her own. But sadly, her twin calves had already drowned. The DWR did not know how long they had been in the water before being spotted.

Wildlife crews tranquilized the cow and safely hoisted her from the water using a backhoe. She was put in a trailer, given a "reversal" for the tranquilizer and will be taken up into the mountains to a safe habitat with other moose, Fullmer said.