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Entire state of Utah out of drought status for the first time in 5 years

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Posted at 9:10 AM, Jul 04, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — For the first time since 2019, the latest drought map shows the entire state of Utah is completely out of drought status.

The map released Wednesday shows 74.02% of Utah under no status at all, with only 25.89% of the state experiencing "abnormally dry conditions."


It's a big improvement from this time last year, when 52.81% of Utah had no status, 47.89% was "abnormally dry," and 10.43% was in moderate drought.

In 2022, 75% of Utah was in "extreme drought" status and 7% was in "exceptional drought" — the worst conditions there is. The last time Utah was completely out of drought status was in August 2019.

Firefighters have warned conditions are dry, so there is an urgency for Utahns to be cautious with fireworks over the holiday weekend.

Still, two wet winters and multiple rounds of spring storms have undoubtedly helped Utah's water supply. Positive news about the drought status of Utah comes on the heels of the update that water storage in the state is at the highest levels the last 15 years, if not longer.

Officials described the current reservoir fill as "outstanding," and said many reservoirs across the state are at or close to their storage capacity. Collectively, Utah's reservoirs stood at 91% last week.

While it is fantastic news, state leaders continue to urge water conservation should Utah return to drought conditions (which can happen easily). Water conservation ensures that there is an adequate supply in reservoirs for drinking water and that more gets downstream to places like the Great Salt Lake, which continues to face ecological collapse.