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Residents evacuated after Draper homes slide off cliff into canyon

Posted at 9:54 AM, Apr 22, 2023

DRAPER, Utah — Multiple residents in a Draper neighborhood have been evacuated after two nearby homes slid off a cliff and into a canyon overnight, months after they were declared unsafe to live in.

Engineers, building officials, and public safety personnel on site Saturday morning determined that the homes on each side of those that slid needed to be evacuated.

Photos from the Hidden Canyon Estates subdivision show debris from the homes strewn along hundreds of feet down the canyon below.

Draper Slide

Due to the incident and with one of the collapsed homes sliding onto the trail, Ann’s Trail is now closed to public use and people should stay clear due to dangerous conditions and not circumvent the closure notices.

Both of the structures that fell, located at 2463 and 2477 East Springtime Road, were built by EDGE Homes and had been fenced off late in 2022 due to structural issues.

The FOX 13 Investigates team first reported on the homes back in December after Draper officials revoked their occupancy permits. Eric Kamradt and his wife had taken possession of their $900,000 home in Nov. 2021, less than a year before they were told to leave.

Months after construction was completed, Kamradt said one of the corners of the house had sunk up to 10 inches, and cracks in the foundation and patio concrete became visible. In December, EDGE Homes told FOX 13 Investigates that the homes had shifted due to “unique geographic features and the soils on which they were constructed.”

Despite attempts to make the homes structurally sound, Draper inspectors felt the repairs were “not successful” and the homes “were no longer safe.”

While their house was unoccupied and no one was injured, Kamradt's daughter said the family is "devastated" as there were still photo albums and special keepsakes inside that were most like destroyed in the slide.


In a statement issued Saturday, EDGE Homes said it had previously bought back one of the homes in January and have been working with the owners of the other home.

"From the outset of the concerns with these two homes, Edge has remained fully committed to fairly compensating the homeowners for the inconvenience and disruption they have experienced. We stand by our products and take care of our buyers even when problems arise from circumstances outside of our control," the statement said.