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Farmington High School students display inappropriate sign before game

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Posted at 10:08 AM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 12:21:12-05

FARMINGTON, Utah — Davis School District officials say they are addressing an incident where a group of students at Farmington High School displayed an inappropriate sign before a basketball game Friday.

The sign, which was held up during warm-ups for the game against Bonneville High School in Farmington, mimicked a Hangman game with blank spaces that would spell out an obscene word.

A man hanging by a noose was also displayed on the sign that read "_HS _ITCHES."

School officials had the students remove the sign less than a minute after it was held up in the stands.

"Neither the Davis School District nor Farmington High School tolerates the behavior that some students chose to display Friday night prior to warm-ups. Though 28 seconds passed between the time it was displayed and the time it was taken down, 28 seconds is too long." said Christopher Williams, Davis School District Director of Communication.

"The sign should have never been created."

Williams added the students may be disciplined when school returns Monday.

"Farmington High School administrators not only responded quickly to remove the sign, but also are addressing the situation aggressively," said Wiliams. "They will also be meeting with the students involved, and their parents, to discuss possible consequences."