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Group gathers to protest last month's deadly police shooting of 25-year-old in Farmington

Posted at 9:14 PM, Apr 15, 2023

FARMINGTON, Utah — Six weeks after officers with the Farmington Police Department shot and killed a man in the parking lot of a post office, people rallied and had a parade around the city to mourn Chase Allan.

“We’re out here as a memorial and car rally and to bring up awareness to police violence and lack of due process with the execution of their duties,” said Carolyn Lietuvininkas with the group Weber County Patriots. She said she is a good friend of Allan and his family.

Farmington Police released body camera footage of what happened that day, March 1. Allan, age 25, was pulled over for having a license plate that wasn’t registered to Utah or any other state. Officers tried to get him out of the car when one of them yelled "gun" three times, and then shots were fired.

WATCH: Body cam video of fatal Farmington police shooting released

“While I’m not against police at all — I tend to actually support the police — but in this particular incident, knowing what we know about the family’s case against Farmington Police and the county attorney, that Chase’s mom had a case against them and Chase was a witness, and they murdered her only witness,” said Lietuvininkas.

People coming together at the post office parking lot — where the shooting happened — say they wanted to express their freedom and liberty.

“That doesn’t say that we’re not attentive or that laws don’t apply to us, but proper law, real law, applies to us,” said Lietuvininkas.

They drove in a loop around the city with flags waving because they don’t believe that the officers' deadly use of force for a traffic stop was justified. They were critical of how the officers with the police department handled the situation with Allan, and they are asking for justice.

Farmington Police Chief Eric Johnsen said he appreciates that the people who felt the need to express their opinion did so peacefully and in an appropriate manner.