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Heber Valley getting more electric vehicle charging stations

Posted at 7:59 AM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 09:59:02-04

HEBER, Utah — The Heber Valley is getting a little more eco friendly as they help people with electric vehicles to get around the city.

Starting the week of October 6th, six new electric vehicle charging stations will be available in Heber.

This is all thanks to a grant from the Department of Environmental Quality.

The cost for the six chargers is $120,000, the DEQ contributed 55,000 of that total.

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This is in partnership with Heber Light and Power, who is part of the team installing the chargers.

Not only do the charging stations promote clean energy, but they also help drive tourism in the area.

“Currently there’s very few charging stations on the Wasatch back, and so for people to come through that have these electric vehicles, it’s just difficult for them to plan trips without being able to have a place to charge, so we recognize that need and are trying to fill it as best we can,” said Jared Wright with Heber Light and Power.

The stations are set up at places like City Hall and Soldier Hollow as well as other high traffic areas.

The chargers are level two, meaning they can fully charge a car in two to six hours.

In the future, the city hopes to have level three chargers, which are much faster.

The charging stations are part of a clean cities initiative that started at the state- government level.

It also correlates to a clean air ordinance Heber city passed in early August.

If the public wants to check them out, they can do so on October 14th in Heber at 31 South 100 West at a grand opening event where they can learn about electric cars and hear from city leaders.

The event is from four to six p.m.

To use the chargers, people will have to pay and can do so through the Charge Point App.