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Wanna do a little sprinkler shaming? Here's how you can report water wasters

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jun 08, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY — As the state's drought emergency gets worse, the Utah Division of Water Resources has created a way for you to report repeat water wasters.

"Fame or Shame" is a site where people can report those places that turn the sprinklers on the sidewalks, water excessively in the heat of the day or just let a busted sprinkler head gush for extended periods of time.

"Water shaming is Utah’s pastime," said Candice Hosenyager, the deputy director of Utah's Division of Water Resources. "We also love when you want to celebrate good action there."

At a news conference where he announced new water restrictions for state facilities, Governor Spencer Cox acknowledged that Utah government was guilty of it sometimes. He also said "sprinkler shaming" is sometimes a good thing. The governor has ordered all state facilities to review their watering practices and fix them if there's a problem. He's also encouraged businesses and all Utahns to do the same.

Hosenyager said Utahns are certainly free to report to the state those who are wasting water. However, your best bet is to contact your local water conservancy district (the ones who actually control the water supply). Some, like the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, have enacted some strict new measures this year. It has implemented a "three strikes you're out" rule, giving warnings before shutting off the secondary water supply entirely for the year.