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In-Depth: Latest numbers on eviction filings and foreclosure fears in Utah

Posted at 5:42 PM, Aug 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-02 21:09:12-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Utahns struggling to pay the rent entered new territory as federal protections came to an end over the weekend.

Many Utahns behind on mortgage payments will not be evicted by the federal government, though the federal foreclosure moratorium also expired.

For renters, early numbers from Utah courts only tell a partial story. Eviction filings are increasing but not yet at a pace beyond what would be normal before the pandemic moratorium kicked in.

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FOX 13 used the court records online portal to look up all eviction cases for the five final business days of June and July 2019 (pre-pandemic) and in 2021. In the chart below, the yellow bars show the number of cases filed and the red show the number of judgments filed. The disparity from the moratorium suggests a backlog of cases courts will now have to consider.

There's more data available on troubled mortgages because so many — almost two-thirds — have federal backing. The FHA provides data every June showing the number of its borrowers who are at least 90 days behind on their payments.

Below, this chart compares the June 2019 numbers with June 2021, and the difference explains itself.

The FHA does not provide numbers in areas where they back fewer than 100 borrowers, so these are an undercount.

Here are the county numbers available showing Utah borrowers at least 90 days behind with the FHA.