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Is Salt Lake City truly the 'Breakfast Sandwich Capital of the World?'

Posted at 5:51 PM, Mar 31, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — Murphy Johnson has been a Salt Lake City resident for two years, he also considers himself a "breakfast sandwich enthusiast" that spends most mornings on the hunt for the delectable or making his own.

"I like to put a little sauce on mine, do the egg right, I like it a little over easy or sunny side up then I'll make my own aioli's or hot sauce," Johnson said.

His breakfast enthusiast title is one he has worked hard to get.

"I've tried the ones around the city, I've heard people calling Salt Lake City the breakfast sandwich capitol of the world, so I've been on my tour," he claimed.

So what makes the perfect breakfast sandwich?

"It's all relative to who you are," said Clint McLellan, the owner of Frankie & Essl's. "I think texture's number one with like bread ratio, meat, lots of combinations, it's easy to have a lot of squish in a breakfast sandwich, so we take that really serious here is the textures and the ratios of the filling."

McLellan's shop located near Liberty Park has quickly become a local favorite.

"We know there's us and a couple other great spots in town, so I totally agree about making it the Breakfast Sandwich Capital in America," McLellan said.

Johnson, the breakfast sandwich enthusiast, agrees.

"Based off of this one I think there's a case to be made," Johnson said. "SLC Eatery makes a great one, there's a bunch of coffee shops that make a great one as well, but this one by far is my favorite."

So, is another new change in state flags in store? Well, no, but one Salt Laker who goes by @slsees on Instagram thought it would look good, so he made an edited breakfast sandwich state flag. 

Aside from the jokes, for residents, this is about more than just a good combination of bread, meat, and cheese; it's about highlighting local businesses and Salt Lake's Unique personality.

"More things for us to have, more people coming here touring," said Salt Lake resident Emma Nielsen.

"I think Salt Lake needs something like this," agreed Ashley Salazar chimed in.

McLelland added that the the city needs to see smaller stores that have the ability and time to find local ingredients working with other local businesses to help build the local economy."

"Salt Lake City is a really interesting place and I feel like it's coming into its own," Johnson said. "I feel neighborhoods like 9th and 9th, Sugar House, The Avenues are all where some of the coolest things are, and as those neighborhoods get more personality, I think the city is going to benefit."