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LDS General Conference Easter sessions focus on Christ with an international flavor

Posted at 12:12 AM, Apr 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-05 03:15:46-04

Though most Latter-day Saints identify as Republicans, no political party, platform or individual candidate represents all the church’s positions, Dallin H. Oaks said on the final day of the 191st Annual General Conference.

“We should never assert that a faithful Latter-day Saint cannot belong to a particular party or vote for a particular candidate,” said Oaks, first counselor in the governing First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “There are many political issues, and no party, platform or individual candidate can satisfy all personal preferences.”

Oaks also focused on the importance of the U.S. Constitution.

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In his opening and closing remarks, President Russell M. Nelson acknowledged the pain and suffering of the global pandemic, praising the members’ “resilience and spiritual strength in the face of illness, loss and isolation.”

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Because it was Easter, Nelson celebrated faith in Jesus Christ and outlined ways to increase it.

No message “is more vital” to human happiness than the “healing, redeeming message of Jesus Christ,” the 96-year-old prophet-president said. “No other message is more filled with hope. No other message can eliminate contention in our society. Faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of all belief and the conduit of divine power.”

During the two-day, third straight all-virtual General Conference, speakers explored a range of spiritual and religious topics — with Christ being at the center of Sunday’s Easter sessions.

On Sunday morning, the conference highlighted international participants in the 16.6 million-member church with speakers from all parts of the globe, either in person or in taped videos. Choirs of young and old Latter-day Saints from a number of nations also sang hymns in prerecorded performances.

The blessings of the gospel “are for every race, language and people,” Nelson said. “The Church of Jesus Christ is a global church. Jesus Christ is our leader.”

Apostles denounced cyberbullying, racism and violence against people of color. They also urged members to embrace the “unmarried, widowed or divorced” in the family-focused faith.

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On Saturday, the church named three women — Camille N. Johnson, Susan H. Porter and Amy Wright — to oversee the children’s Primary. However, the gathering featured the fewest female speakers (two) in recent history. And only one woman offered a prayer.

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