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Man caught on camera burglarizing Herriman family's home

Posted at 11:07 PM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-15 01:09:15-04

HERRIMAN, Utah — It's any couple's worst nightmare: Someone breaking into your home in the dead of night while you and your kids are sleeping.

That's what one Herriman couple faced Friday morning at about three in the morning.

“It just makes me sick… It makes me really uncomfortable,” Chessa Crane told FOX 13 about the encounter.

“Our hearts dropped to our stomachs, and it makes you feel real uneasy," her husband Taylor Crane added.

The pair woke up to several alerts on their phones showing that several of their credit cards had been overdrafted or had fraudulent charges on them.

So they went downstairs to check on their wallet, only to find out that and several other things were missing.

The family has several Ring security cameras, as well as self-locking doors and a smart garage door. But that didn’t stop the thief from somehow getting in.

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The cameras did catch the man, however, as seen in the video above.

“We didn’t hear it,” Chessa said. "But... I am grateful that what we lost was a lot of money and a lot of things, rather than him coming upstairs and, like… I don’t know.”

After going through the home and checking the family's kitchen, the burglar turned his attention toward their belongings hanging near the door, which included all of their wallets, purse, keys, and diaper bags.

In addition to the Cranes' security camera footage, their neighbor's camera caught the suspect vehicle arriving and leaving. The perpetrator also left behind a cigarette after searching through Chessa’s car.

From about 3 a.m. when the suspect left the home to about 9 when the family woke up, the man had managed to spend thousands of dollars.

The family's bank statement shows that he went to Walmart and Smith's stores across the Salt Lake Valley, buying $105 each time.

They suspect because of the uniformity of all of the transactions that he was just purchasing VISA gift cards worth $100 each and then moving on to the next store.

Herriman Police took a report Friday morning have gathered the surveillance video to start looking into the suspect.

While that was a sign of relief, the family is still left speechless and just hoping that something can be done now that they are out thousands of dollars.

“He just has everything, and it feels like nothing we can do at this point,” Chessa said, looking at her husband in disbelief. “We’ve called everyone we could. Really we can’t do anything else other than wait.”