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Nothing found at suspicious site during 1985 cold case investigation, Roy police say

Posted at 9:21 PM, Aug 23, 2023

ROY, Utah — After a day-long search in the mountains near Causey Reservoir Roy City Police say they found nothing at the suspicious site they believed could be connected to the 1985 Sheree Warren cold case.

Sheree Warren was last seen on October 2, 1995. She was 25 years old at the time of her disappearance. Richard Moss was being trained by Warren at the Utah Employees Credit Union Salt Lake main office, for 2 days: October 1 and October 2 in 1985.

“She was very well dressed, she was punctual, she was very informed," Moss recalled.

Moss says the last day he saw Sheree they left the credit union a little later than usual due to an outage.

“We walked Out the office at 6:25, we were on the second floor, we walked down to the bottom floor as we got into the parking lot she went left, I went right and that’s the last time she had been seen or heard by anybody," Moss said.

According to a 1987 newspaper article from our content-sharing partners the Salt Lake Tribune, as police began to suspect foul play after Sheree's car was found in Las Vegas, the case had two suspects, her ex-husband Charles, who died in 2022, and her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance, Cary Hartmann.

“She was telling me she had been separated from her husband she had rented an apartment she had gone back to live with her folks and I got the impression that the separation it was somewhat contentious," Moss said. "She was seeing another fellow and I learned that his name was cary Hartmann”

Neither were charged in her disappearance. Those who knew Sheree like Moss and others who were intrigued by her case like Jarek Opheikens, both hoped Wednesday's search in the mountains near Causey Reservoir would find something that could light a flame to a case that's been dark for so long.

“Every time I go up there when I’m motorcycling or hiking is searching for these cold cases that have been up there for so long so when I see they were going up there to do a search I went up there," Opheikens said.

Despite no new evidence being found, Moss is hopeful Sheree's remains will eventually be found.

“I would hope they can find a body somewhere, some way some time because from what I understand with a body they can’t do much." Moss said.

If you have any information that could help police solve Sheree's case, you should contact the Roy City Police.