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Officers fall through ice attempting to rescue teens at Ogden pond

Posted at 2:59 PM, Feb 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-09 23:23:54-05

OGDEN, Utah — Multiple officers fell through the ice trying to rescue a pair of teenagers at the Twenty-First Street Pond Wednesday.

First responders were sent to the pond, located at 650 West 20th St., just before noon on a call that two males, ages 17 and 19, had fallen through the ice.

Ogden Police reported that when officers arrived at the scene, they found one of the teenagers had been able to get out of the water, but the other was still trapped.

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Martin Kolman happened to be walking by and saw the two teens fall through the ice. Kolman was the first to crawl out on the ice to try and help one of the teens. Kolman’s golden retriever, Enzo, also jumped in the water.

“I’m a water skier so I ski on this lake til it freezes. So I know most parts of the lake — how deep it is, how in cold water if you’re calm you can stay in it for a little while,” said Kolman.

Kolman ended up slipping into the water himself, along with two officers who ventured out onto the pond in an attempt to rescue

Weber County Deputies then tried to assist in the situation and also fell through.

Full body cam video below shows the rescue of the two teens

Ogden rescue bodycam video

“The adrenaline at that point was so high,” described Lt. Mark Horton.

Eventually, officers were able to extract the original victim from the water, while the other officers and deputies were also able to get out of the pond.

Ogden Police Department reported none of the officers or teenagers had significant injuries and expressed their gratitude for the efforts of multiple agencies to assist in the situation.

Lt. Will Farr said he is thankful people happened to be walking by on the trail and saw the two teens fall in.

“I think if those individuals hasn’t called in, that the outcome could’ve been much worse and tragic,” Farr said.

Officials asked that residents be careful when the integrity of ice is uncertain.

“I mean that’s the main part. Just glad he made it out alive and he’s well,” he said.

Kolman returned to the pond later Monday night to get his shoes off the ice. He even ran into the teen who fell in and was happy to see he was doing OK.