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Ogden wildlife rehabilitation center given 6-month extension to find new home

Posted at 5:31 PM, Sep 06, 2023

OGDEN, Utah — An Ogden wildlife rehabilitation center has been given a new lease on life, albeit short, as it continues to look for a new home.

After 12 years, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was told it needed to close its doors at its current location so its next door neighbor, the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park, could expand.

Ogden city officials told the center in April that their contract is up and they now have 180 days to find a new home. Originally given six months to find a new home, the center announced this week that it has been given an extension until March 2024.

"This was a lot of work on everyone's part, but the work is not over, just a beginning," supporters wrote on social media.

The city owns the lot where the center sits and there are plans to expand a parking lot and a maintenance shed nicknamed “the Hatchery” where Dino Park will build more dinosaur models.

Officials with the rehabilitation center said they take in about 4,000 animals per year and cover all of northern Utah.

“We see the suffering. We see them come in in pain and being able to correct that and give them a second chance is the best feeling in the world,” said executive director DaLyn Marthaler.

Supporters say they're relieved but ready to continue the fight.

"Take a moment to breathe in deeply, celebrate a little, and then we must, again keep our sleeves rolled up and continue our dream to find that forever home we all want and our Utah wildlife needs so badly," the post read.