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Park City Council member found guilty of disorderly conduct for cussing out ski instructor

Fined $160
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Posted at 9:32 PM, Sep 02, 2023

PARK CITY, Utah — A member of the Park City Council was found guilty by a judge this week of disorderly conduct for an encounter with a group of cross-country skiers this past winter.

Councilman Jeremy Rubell, 43, was initially charged with one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct for the offense, which took place on Dec. 29. The charge was later amended to an infraction.

A bench trial — meaning it was decided by the judge, not a jury — was held Wednesday in the Summit County Justice Court. Witnesses testified for both the prosecution and defense, and after closing arguments from both sides, the judge ultimately found Rubell guilty.

Case background

According to court documents, Rubell lives on Thaynes Canyon Drive in a house that borders the Park City Golf Course. During the winter, the course is used as a Nordic (cross-country) ski track operated by a private company.

On Dec. 29 around noon, a ski instructor claimed he was with a group of students on the course while Rubell was blowing snow off the back deck of his home. The instructor said Rubell flipped him off, and he then "returned the gesture." After that, the instructor said, Rubell “immediately lost his cool and launched into a profanity-laden tirade.”

According to the ski instructor, Rubell said: "You f***ers are always doing this ... don’t worry, we’re going to shut you f**ers down." The students also said Rubells was cursing and yelling — which they thought was a joke at first, but then it "became clear that it was not" as Rubells allegedly "was out of control." One of the students said the interaction lasted about four or five minutes, and the instructor apologized multiple times. Another added that Rubell's profanity-laced rant referred to both cross-country skiers and golfers; however, it was not clear from the charging documents exactly what he was upset about.

The students also said there were others in the area, and Rubell's words were loud enough for them to hear. They said the instructor ultimately had them go to a different area.


After the verdict, the judge "waive[d] time for sentencing" and ordered Rubells to pay a $160 fine. According to Utah law, the maximum fine for an infraction is $750.

According to the city's website, council members are paid $27,278 per year — along with $21,371 in health benefits "(or cash in lieu)," totaling $48,649 per year in compensation.

FOX 13 News has reached out to the city for comment on Rubell's conviction and will provide an update if a response is received.