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Payson man builds monolith to cheer up cancer-stricken wife

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Posted at 4:18 PM, Dec 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-15 23:34:50-05

PAYSON, Utah — For a brief period of time a few weeks ago, monoliths were all the rage as the entire world pondered the meaning of the object found in Southeastern Utah.

Since then, Utah's monolith mysteriously disappeared as imitators sprouted across the globe.

None of the copycats had meaning... until now.

A Payson man decided to build a monolith with a message in his own front yard.

Wesley Peay has no dreams of cashing in on the monolith fad; instead, he's trying to lift the world and his cancer-stricken wife with a little humor and spirituality.

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Earlier this year, Peay's wife, Wendy, was diagnosed with Stage One Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (DCIS), a form of breast cancer that is considered, in most cases, to be aggressive.

Like most families at the start of the pandemic, Wesley and Wendy were thrown into the chaotic lifestyle of overseeing the schooling of their four children. However, with Wesley working away from home, the burden fell on Wendy.

When things became too much, Wesley took time off from his job and came home to help care for Wendy and lead their family through the COVID-19 era.

Peay family
The Peay Family

Wendy's condition was a roller coaster of good news followed by bad from the day of her diagnosis through the summer. But the couple believes a recent round of full aggressive chemotherapy will do the trick of keeping her cancer free.

"She has carried herself with grace, optimism and a faith I have seldom seen from anyone." Wesley wrote of his wife in his blog. "I find myself bolstered up and driven on by her determination and as her situations demand, I count myself blessed to be granted the pleasure to be her buoy and beacon when the darker waters surface."

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With the holidays approaching and everyone talking about the monolith, Wesley built an obelisk of his own to uplift Wendy in her daily fight with cancer.

A star graces the top of the Peay monolith, along with phrases like "Light the World" and "Wise men still see Him."

"I have been doing my very best to stay positive and keep everyone laughing and happy through the last few months." Wesley told FOX 13. "And this is just another part of that."

Wesley says he hopes others find the same laughs and spirit he and his family receive from the monolith.

Before Wendy's cancer diagnosis, the Peay family began a project to deliver soup and other food items to those quarantined during the pandemic. That project has now become a fundraiser to help cover the bills and expenses for Wendy's care.

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The "Soup from the Soul" fundraiser does not ask for money with nothing in return. Those who donate will receive a meal cooked up by Wesley himself. CLICK HERE for orders and donations.

The year 2020 has been a struggle for almost everyone; but for the Peay family, 2020 is one they'll never forget, for reasons Wesley writes that you would never expect.

"This year has brought me to my knees, yet taught me to stand and face the unknown with steadfast resolve and hope. For which I am so grateful! I cherish each day’s journey and gift and pray to receive many more such blessings."