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People look to get better gas mileage amid soaring prices at the pump

Posted at 5:21 PM, Mar 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 19:37:37-05

SALT LAKE CITY — As gas prices hit record highs in Utah, many people are looking for a way to ease some of the pain at the pump.

Salt Lake resident Kylee Johnson filled up her car Thursday morning and definitely noticed the increase in her usual trip to the gas station.

"I went to fill up my tank and I spent $75 when normally I spend between 55 and $60," said Johnson.

It is why Johnson said she decided to get the tires on her car checked out.

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"My tires were worn and I wanted to get them to replaced to help with the gas mileage," said Johnson.

Robbie Carter, the manager at Big O Tires off of S 300 W says they've seen about 30 percent increase in business as of late, when it comes to this kind of maintenance.

He explained when it comes to getting better gas mileage, it starts with your tires.

"Some of the biggest things that people can do to get better fuel economy from their cars is a keep your air pressures at the manufacturer's recommended inflation," said Carter.

Carter said for cars with passenger tires, you want to keep them at 32 to 38 pounds per square inch (PSI).  For truck tires, that number goes at high as 80 pounds per square inch.

Several other things help play a role in better gas mileage.

Carter points to getting your wheels aligned.  He says having clean air filters, getting the proper maintenance and tune ups should help improve the mileage you are getting.

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"Of course, more pollutants and the cars aren't running right or driving right, then it's going to cost more to maintain and more to run," said Carter.

While she is making sure her car in tip-top shape, Johnson hopes gas prices will take a turn for the better.

"It is absolutely crazy what they've gone, what the prices have done in the last week," said Johnson.

One other thing Carter says will help with your gas mileage is by obeying the speed limit.  He says you get better fuel economy if you go 70, versus 90 miles per hour.