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Police: Man arrested for refusing to return car during test drive in SLC

Posted at 7:47 PM, Sep 20, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — A man was arrested Saturday after police say he refused to return a car he was test-driving to the dealership and drove at dangerous speeds on the freeway.

According to court records, 43-year-old Caleb Gibson was conducting a test drive around Salt Lake City when the sales associate in the vehicle told him to return to the dealership at one point.

The salesman told police that Gibson refused, even when he threatened to call the police. While the employee was calling 911, he said Gibson sped up to 100 miles per hour, turned the music up and rolled the windows down — which the salesman believed he did so dispatchers wouldn't be able to hear him on the call.

A Utah Highway Patrol spokesperson told FOX 13 there was a brief pursuit before they were ultimately able to pull the Subaru STI over on the ramp from I-215 to SR-201.

Gibson told police he was scared to stop the car because the sales associate was yelling at him and grabbing the steering wheel to try and make him pull over.

He faces a second-degree felony kidnapping charge and is being held without bail due to his criminal history and after the arresting officer expressed concerns that Gibson "knows where the victim works and he might go over there to cause problems for the victim."