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Police: Utah man shot at pizza place because his order wasn't ready

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Posted at 11:33 AM, Nov 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 13:39:41-05

DRAPER, Utah — Everybody loves pizza, but maybe no one as much as one Utah man who was arrested after allegedly shooting at a pizza restaurant because his order wasn't ready on time.

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According to court documents obtained by FOX 13, the incident happened on Sunday, Nov. 14. Around 7 p.m. two men entered a Papa Johns at 767 E 12300 S in Draper and started talking with an employee at the front desk about an order they had placed over the phone that they were there to pick up.

According to police, the employee explained to the two men that their systems had been down and the call in orders had no been showing up. He told the customers that he did not have their order, but began attempting to accommodate them by offering to have them place an order in the store.

Police said the two men then became very agitated and started swearing at the employee at the front desk. The employee asked the men to leave the store and they refused. He then told them he was going to call the police and they left while he was on the phone with dispatch.

The employee described the men to police dispatch as Male #1: White male, over 6 feet tall, with long brown hair and a beard, wearing a reflective neon green hoodie. This man was described by the employee to be the main aggressor during the confrontation in the store. Male #2: White male with darker complexion, just over 5'6" tall, wearing a cap with no bill, no facial hair, wearing a lanyard hanging backwards on his neck, wearing darker clothing. The employee described that male #1 had arrived on a white and blue small dirt bike. He said that male #2 had arrived on a balance skateboard with one large wheel in the middle. There were three Papa Johns employees in the store during this incident.

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Then around 8:45 p.m., the employee who had been in the confrontation with the two men earlier went out the back door of the building to have a break. He explained while he was outside the building on the north side, he heard 5 or 6 loud gun shots very close by. He said he started running towards the back door of the building and as he started opening the door he saw and heard a dirt bike driving northbound past the building into the parking lot area just north of the Papa Johns. He said the rider of the motorcycle was a man wearing a blue wind breaker style jacket which was slightly reflective. He told a responding officer that he believed it was the same dirt bike which he saw one of the men driving earlier.

Another employee in the store during the incident was standing in the kitchen area when he heard loud pops like gun shots. He explained he looked towards the front door area where he heard the loud pops, and he saw glass falling. He tried running away and he fell to the ground and eventually got to the back office. The third employee was up front on the store when he explained he heard gun shots and glass shattering. He stated he dropped to the ground and crawled to the bathroom in the back of the store. He stated glass shards had struck him in the face. Officers observed a laceration between his eyes and nose area which he attributed to the glass shattering in his direction.

Officers responded to the report of shots fired at the Papa Johns location, and began checking the area. About 10 minutes later, Officers drove past the address of 12244 S 900 E and observed a detached garage open with two white males standing inside next to a white and blue dirt bike style motorcycle. An Officer performed a protective sweep of the detached garage and felt the muffler on the white and blue dirt bike. The Officer described the muffler as being hot on the white and blue dirt bike, indicating that it had been running very recently.

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The two men were taken into custody and searched. Nothing of note was located. But officers looked at video surveillance from the Papa Johns and they were able to identify the two men from the original confrontation with the employee as the two men they had in custody. No firearms were located on the suspect's persons. Officers learned that one of the men lived at the residence with his wife and two dogs.

Detectives walked through the scene at the Papa Johns and located four shell casings in 40 S&W caliber in the front of the store. Bullet holes and projectiles were found in the walls inside the Papa Johns store.

One of the men, Bryce Gabrielsen, consented to DNA and gunshot residue swabs. Paul Fracasso did not consent. A warrant was obtained and both were gathered. Gunshot residue tested positive on Paul's hands. A search warrant was obtained for 12244 S 900 E and the property was searched. A blue jacket matching the description of the shooter on the dirt bike was found. A Smith and Wesson 40 S&W caliber handgun with matching ammunition was found in Paul's Subaru WRX STI.

Paul Fracasso, 32, was charged with Felony Discharge of a Firearm in the Direction of a Person and Aggrivated Assault.

Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that both men were involved in the shooting, but the police investigation found that Fracasso acted alone.