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Program to replant 1,500 trees lost during SLC windstorm

Volunteers also need help planting trees
Posted at 12:11 PM, Sep 24, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — A new program in Salt Lake City has been created to help plant more than 1,500 trees and replace those lost during September's violent windstorm.

ReTree SLC will raise funds to replant public trees within city boundries.

Thousands of trees across Northern Utah were damaged by the windstorm that hit the area with winds up to 100 mph. Liberty Park in Salt Lake City lost 69 trees, while the city's cemetery lost 255.

Those who donate to the fund can specify where they want a tree to be planted. Some options include Liberty Park, Jordan River Park, Rosewood Park, or residents can name their own location.

"Trees are indispensable. But luckily, they aren’t completely irreplaceable; we're going to do our best to regrow what was lost and more." said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mayor Mendenhall.

Rocky Mountain Power will jump start the tree drive by matching the first $10,000 raised.

CLICK HERE to donate to ReTree SLC.