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Woman in custody after hours-long SWAT incident in Herriman

Posted at 10:05 AM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-07 18:13:01-04

HERRIMAN, Utah — A woman was taken into custody after an hours-long SWAT incident in a Herriman neighborhood that began with a disturbance at a local fast food restaurant.

The unidentified woman was seen surrounded by officers outside the Herriman home she broke into in the 11800 block of South Rushmore Park Lane early Thursday morning.

According to a police spokesperson, officers were alerted to the disturbance at a nearby Taco Bell involving the suspect. The woman then ran into the neighborhood and broke into the empty home.

After officers followed and confronted the woman into the home, she barricaded herself inside a bedroom and made threats against police, causing officers to retreat outside.

Herriman police give an update below on the neighborhood SWAT incident

Police briefing following end of Herriman SWAT incident

Police say the woman was armed with a knife, but it is unknown if she had any additional weapons.

Just before 1 p.m., teams entered the home again and the woman allegedly remained combative and uncooperative, leading officers to use a "chemical agent" in an attempt to apprehend her. The woman attempted to remain hidden in a bedroom before leaving and being taken into custody.

"When our tactical officers want to enter a room, again, our priority is safety, first and foremost of the officers, and so they use the tools that are available to them to try and take the person into custody as safely as possible," said Deputy Police Chief Cody Stromberg. "Throughout this entire incident, including her interaction with the tactical team, [the suspect] was given multiple opportunities to comply and to surrender peacefully, and she chose not to."

A shelter in place order put in place for the homes directly adjacent to the house where the woman was located has been lifted.