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Real or not? Video shows Utah family dropping TV from balcony

Posted at 10:09 AM, Oct 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-01 12:18:33-04

SALEM, Utah — A video attempting to go viral appears to show a Utah family accidentally dropping a large television from the second floor of their Salem home.

In the video, reportedly taken on Sept. 26, two grown men are seen moving the 85-inch flatscreen TV along the back balcony of the home.

When one of the men needs to stop (for some reason), a woman appears (rather quickly) with a towel to place on the rail to support the television.

As the other man descends the stairs (again, for some reason), a 3-year-old child suddenly runs out (in a straight line) and smacks the man (for some reason) holding the TV, causing the television to drop all the way to the ground.

Oh, no! Broken television and broken hearts.

Well, cynics would ponder elements of the video that are suspect:

  • The camera seems to be perfectly framed to capture the move.
  • Why take a massive TV down a spiral staircase?
  • In the middle of a heavy move, why does the man have to suddenly leave?
  • Within milliseconds of the man leaving, the woman appears WITH a towel.
  • Why is the man going downstairs?
  • Why would the little boy rush to smack his father?

Maybe the world is too cynical and everything about this video is perfectly legit. Or maybe not.