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Climber's body recovered after deadly fall on Mount Olympus

Posted at 11:30 AM, May 22, 2021

MILLCREEK, Utah — Search and rescue crews recovered the body of a man who fell to his death on Mount Olympus Saturday morning.

According to Unified Police, two people were preparing to climb the "West Slabs" route when one of them slipped on some steep snow. He slid a "considerable distance," hit rocks below, then fell down a narrow crevice. He died from his injuries.

The victim was later identified as 54-year-old James Roache.

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Search and Rescue volunteers — two on foot and two via helicopter hoist.

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The victim's climbing partner was airlifted off the mountain. The deceased climber was later hoisted off after those on the ground reached his body and moved him to an accessible area.

The process took a total of about six hours due to the challenging terrain.

Police and SAR volunteers expressed condolences to Roache's family and friends. They also thanked the Utah Department of Public Safety and Intermountain LifeFlight, both of which assisted with the helicopter operations, as well as other climbers nearby who helped or offered to help.