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Residents feel unsafe after shooting left several homes with bullet holes

Residents feel unsafe after shooting left several homes with bullet holes
Posted at 5:06 PM, Jul 06, 2024

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — Several residents in a South Jordan neighborhood are still picking up the pieces after their homes were covered in bullet holes from the officer-involved shooting that left the suspect dead.

The incident started as a domestic violence call in West Jordan. That suspect led police on a pursuit into a South Jordan neighborhood, where he and police shot at each other. The suspect, now identified as Nicholas Kemp, died at the hospital.

All the commotion and gunfire had some neighbors shaken up and still dealing with the aftermath – including Ramona Tinker.

"It’s a safe neighborhood, why did this happen here?" said Tinker.

Tinker and her family have lived in this South Jordan neighborhood for 10 years. But, Friday was unusual.

“I was standing right here on the porch and I’m hearing what I thought were fireworks because its Fourth of July weekend and then quickly realized that it wasn’t,” recalled Tinker.

Her 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter were walking on the sidewalk from a neighbor’s house when Tinker heard the shots go off.

"I’m scared, I’m confused, I don’t know what to do," she said.

On the street, a few homes down, a suspect and police were shooting at each other after a pursuit that started with a domestic violence call. But Tinker said she still doesn’t know what exactly happened.

"It’s overwhelming, my kids don’t want to come outside, they’re scared. We're confused, we haven’t had anyone come and talk to us to kind of explain what really happened. We understand that it was a crazy situation, but we're in a neighborhood and so what’s happening and how close it is to our house, it’s scary and that shouldn’t happen,” said Tinker.

The damage outside is a reminder of that chaos.

"We have a bullet hole right here in our pillar, we have on our garage bullet holes, a fence lining our neighbor house we have bullet holes, it’s all around us right now,” said Tinker, showing the holes to FOX13.

Their neighbor's house has a broken window and bullet holes in their fence too. Hoping this never happens to them again. "It was too close to home. I was on the front porch, they were outside. and it could have easily gone another way and we're thankful that it didnt but its traumatizing,” said Tinker.