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South Salt Lake asks for input on city planning

Posted at 10:21 PM, Dec 27, 2020

SOUTH SALT LAKE — South Salt Lake is asking for residents' input on the future of the city's land use.

The campaign, called "Our Next Move," gives the public an opportunity to fill out a survey in which they can make suggestions for the city's general plan. The survey asks what the participant likes about the city, what it suggests could be improved, opinions on different types of development, what programs or services should be the highest priority, and more.

The survey closes on Thursday.

The city has also created an interactive map where people can make suggestions, give positive or negative feedback, make a general comment or ask a question — all of which are placed by the user on a specific point on the map and can be viewed by others. More than 100 comments have been made on things such as road signs, dog parks, high-crime areas, lighting, bike lanes, business suggestions and more.

To take the survey and view or add to the map, go to A mail-in survey can also be requested by calling 801-214-0791.

In the video below, Mayor Cherie Wood introduces the program.