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Taylorsville kids brave the weather to sell candy for their play

Posted at 4:15 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 23:41:08-05

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — Neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet, nor hail (but mainly snow) kept a group of Taylorsville children from working to raise money Friday for a play they want to put on.

Despite the wintery conditions, the four hearty children braved the elements in front of their homes after school and sold cotton candy to neighbors, strangers and even the police.

"We're doing our type of 'Hannah Montana' play, but I think one of my main things that I want to accomplish is just, like, try to make people happy during COVID," said Chalyss.

The kids are selling cotton candy for $1, and other types of candy for just 10 cents. Because of the weather, the children's parents tried to talk them out of the "business," but the kids weren't hearing it.

"It makes me feel really proud," said Scott Childs, one of the parents. "Here I am trying to talk them out of it, and they were determined."

While selling their treats, the children waved at everyone who passed by.

Things really got exciting when the local police showed up and bought some cotton candy. Word on the street was that the fire department was going to be stopping by before the end of the day.

When FOX 13 paid a visit, the children had already raised nearly $40.

"They haven't been out here in the cold complaining," said Childs. "They've been having fun."

Childs added the children are well aware of what's happening in the world regarding the pandemic and political divide. He said they're just trying to change the mood, one piece of candy at a time.

"We live in a time where you hear everyone is stressed out and we hear so much bad that's going on. These kids, through cotton candy, they're bringing joy," he said.