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UPD, Jiffy Lube partner to crack down on catalytic converter thefts

Posted at 6:33 PM, Oct 20, 2022

MIDVALE, Utah — Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera told FOX 13 News on Thursday that they saw more than 1,200 catalytic converter thefts in their jurisdiction in 2021. That was double the previous year.

The Unified Police Department and Jiffy Lube are joining forces to combat the problem.

On Thursday, they unveiled their catalytic converter engraving and stripe service.

"Have your catalytic converter engraved with the full vehicle identification number, and striped with a high-temperature paint," said Justin Soha, a Utah Jiffy Lube owner.

Soha says the service will be available at any of the 79 Jiffy Lube locations across the state of Utah. It only takes about five minutes and is free of charge.

Sheriff Rivera says under the current state statute, the companies that are taking and buying these catalytic converters from people who steal them now take their driver's licenses and take a fingerprint.

However, she says, there is no way to know who the victim is.

Sheriff Rivera is counting on this service to help solve that problem.

"We really think it's going to make a difference when we go to pursue charges because now we can present it to the D.A. and we can say we have a victim," said Sheriff Rivera.

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Rebecca Thomas is a recent victim of a catalytic converter theft that occurred in broad daylight when she was at Fashion Place Mall in Murray on Sunday.

"Spent about three hours in the mall with my niece, came back, got in the car, turned it on and an enormous, shocking roar began," said Thomas.

She says she originally thought the issue was her muffler, but later found out that her catalytic converter had been taken.

Thomas says the price tag for her to get it replaced was about $3,000.

"Fortunately, I have comprehensive insurance on my policy so that will take care of the expense," said Thomas.

While Thomas applauds the efforts of UPD and Jiffy Lube to tackle the issue of catalytic converter thefts, she's hoping more will be done to cut down on these kinds of thefts.

"They're truly addressing the symptom of the problem, I think we need, we need a law," said Thomas.

Sheriff Rivera was adamant when she told FOX 13 News that their hope is to hold people accountable, which will deter them from committing this kind of crime.