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Utah Dept. of Workforce Services releases new tool to help parents find childcare

Posted at 6:10 PM, Mar 09, 2021

The Utah Department of Workforce Services is making it easier for parents to find childcare for their children with the launch of a new program.

“It was very stressful and you’re just like, 'Oh, now what do I do with my children?'” said Carla Jones.

A mom of three, Jones knows what it’s like to suddenly need childcare.

“Before I put my children in childcare, I had family watching them and I always had such comfort in that, and so then when you’re thrown into childcare, it’s very stressful,” said Jones.

With the help of the Office of Childcare and the Children’s Service Society, Jones was able to access resources online to find exactly what she needed.

“It gives you power by being able to really look at what is being offered and what’s available to you so that you can have a little bit of ground underneath you as you’re making your decision,” said Jones.

The Department of Workforce Services says they’ve been working for years to launch the Care About Childcare website.

“People are able to go into this website and gather information based on the needs for their families right now, to find the best care suited for their children and their needs or their children,” said Rebecca Banner, the director of the Office of Child Care.

Through the website, parents can refine their search and look for things like the cost, location and hours of operation of providers.

“If you have a baby you might be looking for a small space with a very caring people, very loving environment, while if you have a three-year-old that likes to jump around, you’re looking for a good playground,” said Encarni Gallardo, the executive director of the Children’s Services Society.

Parents can also search for programs that specialize in kindergarten readiness, academic success or social and emotional well-being.

“I think the best thing for parents is that they can do this on their own, on their own time,” said Gallardo.

Through this website, people have choices, and it allows parents to identify providers that fit their needs.

If you’d like to check out the website, visit