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Utah student investigated after posting shooting threat to social media

Posted at 12:55 PM, Nov 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 14:55:28-05

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah — A Washington County student is under investigation after making a social media threat to shoot liberals if Joe Biden wins the presidential election.

The St. George News reports Washington City police are investigating after the unnamed student made the threat on Snapchat Wednesday.

“I would just like all you liberals to know if Biden does get elected into office and he defunds the police nothing will be stopping me from shooting ur guys heads off 2 miles away with my silenced rifle,” the post reads. "TRUMP 2020 baby."

The male student who made the post is scene holding a gun in a photo.

Washington County School District official Steven Dunman explained to the newspaper how they were alerted to the threat.

"A brave student stepped forward and made us aware of this yesterday, and we immediately called police and took action yesterday," he said. "But it isn't a specific school threat: it's just a threat."

The school district informed Washington City Police of the threat.

Officials could not say whether the student who made the social media post has been punished, but cited the district's rules of conduct and penalties for disobeying them.