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Utah woman accidentally locked in real handcuffs by kids

Woman in handcuffs
Posted at 9:35 PM, Apr 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-06 00:26:35-04

HOLLADAY, Utah — A Utah woman was keeping her grandkids entertained Tuesday when she learned — a little too late — that the handcuffs they were playing with were not a toy version.

Denise Damron, who is also a well-known preschool teacher in the Holladay community, said the kids wanted to play "spy guys" when this happened.

She got out her "spy kit" full of items perfect for playing pretend. But apparently, when she had lent the toy handcuffs to a friend's child a while back, they replaced them with a much sturdier pair after the toy version broke.

Not knowing this, Damron said she tried to take the cuffs off — but they only got tighter.

Once she realized the predicament she was stuck in, she called some family members for help. Nothing seemed to do the trick, even her husband's tools.

So eventually, she had to go to her local police station.

Video: Denise Damron explains her predicament to a police department employee

Woman accidentally placed in handcuffs

First, of course, she had to find someone to watch the kids AND another person to drive her.

Thankfully, Unified Police were able to free the innocent woman from the handcuffs.


Damron said that earlier, while she was figuring out what to do, the little ones "laughed a lot" at her predicament, but they were also "very cute and very helpful."

Woman in handcuffs1
Denise Damron with her grandchildren after they accidentally placed in her real handcuffs

As for the cuffs, Damron says they will not be returning to the kit full of spy gadgets.

"I think we'll just stick to the binoculars and the headsets and the walkie-talkies," she said.