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Utahns responding to help in Midwest tornado aftermath

Posted at 10:15 PM, Dec 13, 2021

MURRAY, Utah — Volunteers are gearing up to help the victims of a massive tornado that struck parts of the Midwest this past weekend.

The American Red Cross Utah-Nevada region is sending four volunteers to assist with meeting the emergency needs of those impacted by the storms.

“I did see the devastation, and obviously that impacted me,” said Darlene Spencer, a retired microbiologist who has volunteered for four years. “That's when I made the decision that I needed to go and help.”

Darlene expects to be deployed for at least two weeks, meaning she will miss Christmas with her family.

“I actually celebrated Christmas yesterday with my family,” she said. “They were all on board. I don't know about the grandkids when they realized Nana won’t be there on Christmas morning. But, I think they’ll be fine.”

It is likely more volunteers will follow Darlene to the disaster area as the damage is assessed. Darlene did not hesitate when called to make this sacrifice because she knows her work will impact the lives of thousands of people who have been displaced.

“It’s more about not looking at the numbers and not looking at the pictures, but going and actually being with the people. Looking at them as individuals and what they are struggling with and just really wanting to be there to help them,” she said.

Darlene will deploy to Mayfield, Kentucky on Tuesday afternoon.

Information about making donations to assist the victims of the tornado can be found on the Red Cross website.